Our Story



“After living the Gluten and dairy free life for a few years, I had also received news from my doctor I had to stay away from sugars! I couldn’t eat any forms of refined sugars or fructose, which meant no fruit for over a year. After coming off this, I had learnt so much about sugars and the different roles they play in the nutrition of your body and your health. So from being a previous sugar addict, I had to find the correct sweeteners that still allowed me to have sneaky treat without the guilt. So after much experimenting with raw treats, I found my little sweet spot - Houghnuts. Because they were baked and made with pumpkin, they weren’t as heavy as raw nut based cakes, yet were still jam packed with nutrients and wholesome ingredients. 
I introduced the product into local markets, selling to all the amazing locals at Frenchs Forest Markets. With such an amazing reaction, people were adding this to their weekly grocery shop, we started doing larger festivals and branching into wholesale.  
My philisophy is,  you're going to eat the cake, so why not make it a healthy one? 
We now work with many cafes and health food stores around NSW, to provide people with a good healthy donut. We also deliver straight to the door of our beautiful customers so you can stock up.
I ultimately see Houghnuts as an amazing enabler for healthier lifestyle decisions. It is so important we are constantly improving the way we treat our bodies, the foods we eat and the impact we have on the earth, and so having a product that is a great healthy alternative, made by hand locally, is an amazing way to aid people in changing their lifestyles. "
Founder - Abbey Unger